SYBAC Solar is one of the leading international providers of large-scale photovoltaic systems.

We have been building solar plants since 2004, and since 2009 our highly experienced team of finance experts, engineers and technicians have been specialising in large-scale solar projects in Germany, France and the USA – covering the entire process from planning and construction, financing and marketing to operation and maintenance.

By the end of 2012, SYBAC Solar had realised more than 1,000 roof systems and solar parks with a total output of over 500 MWp. In 2012 alone, power totalling approx. 200 MWp was supplied to the power grid, and a turnover of more than € 250 million was generated – making SYBAC Solar one of the world’s largest developers of solar park projects (according to pv magazine).

The biggest individual project realised to date is the Eiche Solar Park near Berlin, with an output of 26.5 MW, an area covering some 73 ha, and a financial volume of  €70 million. This project is the best example of how the strategy for achieving growth through larger projects, rather than the amount of projects, works. At the same time, SYBAC Solar is becoming an independent producer of energy, with a capacity of 50 MW already at its disposal.

Benefit from Our Resources

SYBAC Solar emphasizes quality. In order to meet high quality standards, the entire supply chain of a project is covered by our company’s own resources. As a result, the customers have a single point of contact in every project phase – and benefit from the expert knowledge in many different ways:

  •  High efficiency
  • Direct communication paths
  • Our own component designs and individually tailored construction processes
  • Long-standing experience that ensures efficient building methods and shortest possible construction time
  • All components in stock for quick response logistics
  • Favorable supply terms through high procurement volumes
  • Focus on quality suppliers with extended warranty periods and fast service capabilities