You don’t have to operate a power plant yourself in order to profit from the potential of solar power in terms of revenue and image.

SYBAC Solar is constantly looking for roof areas for new projects. These could either be pitched roofs with an area of at least 800 m² or flat roofs with a minimum size of 1,500 m².

We assume responsibility for building and running the system in connection with taking all the corporate risks. The owner of the roof can fully concentrate on his core business while generating additional leasing revenues, which are predictable over a long time period, without having to make an own investment. The revenues may vary with the orientation and circumstances of the roof area.

Leasing contracts usually run a year from the moment operations begin and then for a further 20 years. In most cases there is an option to extend the contract for a further five or ten years.
Anticipated leasing income can be used to finance the renovation of old roof structures and cladding material. This is a particularly interesting option for owners of roofs that contain asbestos or are covered with foil.

Our experts will be happy to assess the potential of your roof areas and to make an offer for leasing the space. Simply contact us.