A customised solar power plant turns roofs into an interesting source of income and is a clear symbol of active climate protection.

Fortunately solar projects can be realised without having to go through major approval processes.
The variety of possible roof systems is as diverse as the range of roof constructions. The solar modules can be installed flat on the roof or mounted on stands. The available systems include innovative façade systems, partly transparent solutions, and constructions integrated in the roof structure. In addition, photovoltaics can be an alternative to conventional roof covering when renovating the roof.


SYBAC is a leader in large space solutions

We are specialists in planning and implementing solar parks and roof systems that set new standards. For south-facing pitched roofs larger than 800 m2, or flat roofs larger than 1,500 m2, we are the ideal partner for customised solutions capable of generating outputs of 100 kWp and more.

Our profound knowledge in connection with our long experience lets us develop individual construction solutions for every type of building, which are tailor-made to meet static requirements and considerably increase the energy yields.