Whether as a general contractor for engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) or as a partner for individual project phases and tasks, SYBAC Solar can offer you all the key services coming from one experienced source.

Planning and advising

  • Choosing suitable locations, analysing the local conditions and ensuring the feasibility
  • Determining the size of the system, type of modules and the best SYBAC mounting system
  • Technical planning and yield prognosis
  • Securing and developing a site
  • Taking care of the necessary formalities and permission processes
  • Providing an entry point and securing revenues
  • Output determination and project calculations, detailed planning of the construction phases
  • Securing proprietary rights by means of purchase or leasing contracts
  • Involvement and information of the local population and interest groups

Construction and installation

  • Installation by a highly experienced team with excellently trained electricians and engineers
  • Reliable and high-quality installation of all components, even under difficult circumstances and under tight time frames
  • Procurement of all necessary components from quality suppliers – as one of the largest developers of solar projects, we secure additional benefits for you by buying in large quantities
  • As a general contractor, all the necessary steps are realised by us alone, enabling us to exactly meet all deadlines and fulfilling the highest quality requirements

Financing and commercial management

  • Business plan with economic profitability analyses and revenue forecasts
  • Development of a financing concept tailored to suit individual needs
  • Tapping of external financial sources and bridging financing gaps
  • Assistance in obtaining funding, especially investment allowances and EU subsidies
  • Preparing documents in the necessary quality for bank approval processes
  • Setting up and organising the plant operating company
  • Caring for additional investors and the integration of local energy suppliers
  • Complete solutions for institutional investors
  • On request, we can provide any type of commercial service related to the solar plant, such as account management and bookkeeping, liquidity management, invoicing of the grid operating company, lease invoicing, dividend payouts, accounting in accordance to German or international standards, as well as preparing annual and company reports

Maintenance and operation

  • Maintenance and technical operation
  • Remote monitoring of the energy output
  • Prompt reaction in case of an emergency
  • Regular inspections and continuous optimisation