Redevelopment sites, such as former airports, military barracks, landfill sites or brown field land, areas along motorways and railway lines, as well as commercial areas, have good prospects in connection with solar power and feed-in pay-offs.

Idle land can be turned into profitable land using photovoltaic power plants.

Not only solar park operators and land owners can profit. The contributions to a decentralised energy supply system also support the local trades, and at the same time have a positive effect on municipal budgets. They clearly sharpen the profile of a township or a district, and most important of all help sustain the environment.

experts for large scale projects

Transforming an area of several hectares into a solar power plant, that runs smoothly and efficiently, requires very careful planning and a very precise implementation.

So far, Sybac Solar has realised over 1,000 solar projects, including 50 solar parks with an output of more than 1 MWp and a total output of 500 MWp. The solar energy generated supplies power to 125,000 four-person households, reducing CO2 emissions by more than 295.000 tons p.a.

In 2012 alone, SYBAC fed power totalling 200 MWp into the power grid –making SYBAC one of the leading developers of solar projects not only in Germany, but world wide.

The largest solar park projects
by SYBAC Solar in Germany

Schmidtheim  3,2 MWp
Kerpen  2,1 MWp
Pferdsfeld  28,5 MWp
Polch  12,8 MWp
Kaisersesch 9,3 MWp
Nauroth  8,5 MWp
Ellscheid  5,0 MWp
Idenheim  3,9 MWp
Oberdreis  2,9 MWp
Kempfeld  2,7 MWp
Preist  2,6 MWp
Beilingen  2,1 MWp
Spangdahlem  2,1 MWp
Hasselbach  1,9 MWp
Bogel  1,7 MWp
Herforst  1,6 MWp
Brohltal  1,5 MWp

Mayen  1,5 MWp
Bodenbach 1,4 MWp
Seesbach  1,1 MWp
Leideneck  1,0 MWp
Driedorf  5,0 MWp
Waldbrunn  4,6 MWp
Solms  2,9 MWp
Bad Wildungen 1,6 MWp
Sontra  1,1 MWp
Eiche  26,5 MWp
Döbern  6,3 MWp
Gröden  3,4 MWp
Wustermark  3,0 MWp
Ruhland 2,2 MWp
Schleiz  11,2 MWp
Artern  4,9 MWp
Reurieth  4,3 MWp
Voigstedt 3,75 MWp
Grabsleben  2,2 MWp
Löbichau 2,2 MWp

Niederorschel  1,8 MWp
Löbichau II 1,3 MWp
Brenz  7,5 MWp
Gnoien  6,4 MWp
Rostock  6,2 MWp
Bandenitz  6,0 MWp
Zachow  5,5 MWp
Auerbach  6,5 MWp
Gückelsberg  4,3 MWp
Kläden  6,0 MWp
Röblingen**  5,0 MWp
Stassfurt  5,0 MWp
Stassfurt II  2,3 MWp
Hambergen  9,6 MWp
Sassenburg  7,1 MWp
Herzberg  3,2 MWp

* currently under construction   ** in development