Landowners can exploit unused sites more economically with a photovoltaic system.

As an EPC general contractor, SYBAC Solar helps you set up the perfect solar power plant in no time at all, so you can enjoy these enormous benefits as soon as possible:

  • An active contribution to protect the global climate
  • A highly visible image as an environmentally friendly and innovative company
  • Additional income – 7–11% p.a. for 20 years is possible*
  • Tax structuring measures can be taken through depreciation allowances
  • Protection from further energy price increases by using the power that is generated yourself
  • Option to get CO2 reduction certificates

* This applies to Germany only. Other countries may have different arrangements.

New roofs with new prospects

Photovoltaic technology can be an interesting option for roof renovations and new constructions – particularly for unheated halls. By integrating it in the roof, the solar plant becomes a new outer shell for the roof, avoiding the costs of other roofing materials. If required, semi-transparent or partly transparent modules can let the light pass through. And the income from the generated power will refinance the construction work.

Competence from the beginning

If you do not have specific plans for your solar power plant yet, our advisory process will take you through the initial procedures:

  • Determination of the system output volume
  • Identification of suitable sites or terrains
  • Integration in existing energy concepts
  • Involvement of various local interest groups
  • Acceptance procedures and partnerships with regional suppliers