The conversion of large unused sites holds enormous potential, particularly for land owned by a municipality, community or the state.

SYBAC Solar is interested in leasing or acquiring terrain with an area of 20,000 m2 or more. Both possibilities have great advantages:

  • Active contribution to environmental protection and prevention of global warming
  • Direct, additional income from leasing or selling
  • Additional tax income of approx. €10,000 p.a. for 1 megawatt output
  • Positive economic effects through contracts for regional trades and services
  • Support of a decentralised energy supply
  • Positive image as an environmentally friendly and innovative community or region
  • Refinancing the renovation of conversion terrains with solar power revenues
  • Prevention of environmental dangers through renovations at an early stage

To ensure that the positive effects are felt by the local community, SYBAC Solar chooses operating companies that are based in the area and through contracts with local companies that carry out the construction and maintenance work.

Turn unused terrains into growth fields

Since the beginning of 2011, photovoltaic systems are funded under the EEC only under certain conditions. The extent of the funding is based on the type of surface, which is classified in two categories:

  • Conversion sites are areas previously used as commercial, transportation, residential or military sites and now need to be redeveloped to prevent adverse ecological effects. These include former airports, barracks, landfill sites or brownfield land areas.
  • Other sites are open areas alongside motorways or railway tracks, or industrial sites.

SYBAC Solar can offer advice on which sites can be best used for generating solar power. We plan, realise and operate the solar park turning it into a reliable source of income using an alternative energy source.